Sunday, 6 March 2011


Is anyone getting any warmer weather yet? Here at the Fairyglade it just seems to be grey and dark and oh so cold. This was the outside temperature on Friday morning. Nice and warm indoors though.

There are small signs of spring however, the daffodils are slowly coming into flower and here and there are pretty carpets of snowdrops. We have noticed a lot of activity amongst the wild birds and the Fairyglade doves, especially the males who are strutting their stuff and showing off to the females. They in turn are busily collecting twigs and tidying up nest boxes in readiness for egg laying.

I am still waiting for some fabric paint pens to arrive and so cannot give you all a proper Ta Dah moment just yet, but I can't resist giving you a few tantalising glimpses of almost finished fairy dolls. I am so loving these little pretties and am planning on offering one or two for sale in the Fairydell shop at some point if anyone might be interested. This is how they start their journey, outlines on a piece of vintage linen...

After handsewing them together and adding some stuffing they start to take on their individual characters and then the fun beginnings in choosing what they will wear.....

There are so many gorgeous trimmings..what to choose...what to choose!!

Hopefully, soon, all will be revealed......

And, now onto my first ever giveaway. Who has been having withdrawl symptoms since Lark Rise to Candleford finished? Would anyone like to own the the first series on DVD? I have a spare set of free discs that were collected with the Daily Mail.

Just leave me a comment...that's it. I will draw a winner next Sunday 13th March.

Bye for now........Dev x


marigold jam said...

Those dolls look amazing - can't wait to see the finished articles! South Riding is good but it doesn't have that lovely peaceful calm feel of Larkrise does it? I have to say though that it had run out of steam and got so far from the book that it was in name only that it claimed to be Flora Thomson's work! I did enjoy the programmes though.

It's freezing here too but the flowers don't seem to mind.


Sherryknit said...

Can't wait to see your dolls. So many choices of trimmings. Have fun deciding.Good to see your blogging again.
The weather here in Ohio, usa cold and snow still. Plus we have had rain and our creek has been overflowing. Does Spring start soon?????
Have a Wonderful Day!!

VintageVicki said...

Can't wait to see the fairy dolls - I am a keen doll maker and love seeing what others do.

Yes please to being entered into the giveaway - I missed Series 1 of Larkrise so there are several unanswered questions for me that I love to solve.

Lastly - yep still cold here in Suffolk - hoping it warms up soon as I'm tired of the Michelin man look with loads of layers.

MSW Mom Jan said...

Can't wait to see the fairies! Are Americans eligible for the giveaway? If yes please enter my name. I do have a dvd player that plays dvds from all regions as I much prefer your British movies and dramas and often order them from Amazon UK.


Alexandra Mason said...

It has been so cold here the last few days but with lovely blue skies. Looking forward to seeing your dolls! x

The Fairy Glade said...

Hi Jan, yes everyone is eligible for the giveaway, I just wasn't sure that you could play UK discs in the USA. Thanks for popping by. Dev x

Happy said...

Oh it all looks so intriguing - I'm awaiting the 'reveal' of the finished dolls! It's a very nice activity, isn't it - making dolls ?
Thanks for popping by and leaving your lovely comment :-)
Oh, and don't put my name in the Giveaway - I've never watched Larkrise, so I really think it best that the true fans are in the giveaway pot !!
Happy days,
D x

Shropshire Girl said...

I never watched the first series, Larkrise to Candleford is my all time favourite book and I didn't want to see anything that could spoil it in my minds eye. I did watch the others as it is so completely different from the book.

Those trimmings look so lush! I will be back to see the finished article!

thriftymissus said...

I love your blog and am a big fan of larkrise to candleford and would love to be entered into your draw.many thanks juliexxxx

Tola said...

please put me in the drawing for the dvds. i watched this show when i was in England for six weeks, cleaning out my father-in-law's flat and planning his funeral.

MarmaladeRose said...

OOOO, Larkrise how lovely. Love all the close up photos of the gorgeous doll, and must say the youngest fairy in fairyglade is very pretty indeed!

love fi x

gill said...

Still cold here in Gloucestershire but at least the sky is blue!
I love Lark Rise but did not enjoy South Riding at all - not sure why!

faith76 said...

Accidently discovered your blog and how nice it is too.:) Would love to win Larkrise as watched the last series only and did not get round to collecting the first series in the Daily Mail. Shame it's now ended for good :( . Leah x

Marqueta (Mar-keet-a) said...

Dear Dev,

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog~ I am excited to see your finished dolls! We've only made a couple of clothes peg dolls before, but Matthew is definitely my favorite! I'll have to take some better pictures of the process.

I was just thinking about getting "Lark Rise to Candleford"; but I'm not sure our dvds are compatible! :)

Have a most wonderful weekend,