Tuesday, 1 March 2011

March Make

Following on from my January dolly make, I have been having a bit of a play in an effort to try and improve my designs.
There were several things in particular that I didn't like...the head piece being seperate from the body for instance. I have now made the head an integral part of the body. The face has been one of the hardest things as well. I have now decided to keep it simple and just paint on eyes.
The skirt on the original doll didn't seem to hang quite right and I realised that she really needed some legs, so I have now included them in the design too. And wings have been made too......

The best part has been selecting the fabrics, ribbons and lace. I have had a good rummage and found some really pretty bits and bobs that I have collected over the years, things that have just sat there waiting for me to put them to good use.

I never realised just how many pretties I have and spent the weekend washing and ironing and untanging yards of lovely trims, sorting out beads and crystals and writing down different combinations. Some of it is vintage and some of it not, but all of it is simply gorgeous.
I am on the verge of sharing a "tah da" moment with you all, but not quite yet. There are just a couple of things that I need to tweak first. So be patient with me and all will be revealed in a few days time. I am so excited about these little girls of mine.
Dev x


melanie said...

Cant wait for your tah-dah moment :) I love washing and ironing my pretty things, it is about the only things I do like ironing, lol :) xxx

Marqueta (Mar-keet-a) said...

Dear Dev,

What gorgeous lace you have! I'm excited to see the finished product~ dolls seem so real when you make them yourself!