Sunday, 27 March 2011


Well it seems to have arrived, finally. What a lovely week we have had here at the Fairyglade. Washing has been dried on the line and there has been time to sit a while after work and do some crafting.

Here is where I sit in the warm sunshine, do you like the cushions? Bargain at Dunelm Mill.

There has been a bit of dolly making and a bit of knitting too. Ages since I picked up my needles. Excuse the porky fingers and the tatty nails.

I will tell you more about this make when I have done a bit more, but think flowers.......

Now, let me introduce you to Delia, my latest fairy doll. Isn't she cute!

Her dress is made from an old dressing table mat and I have attached some pretty beads in the centre of the flowers.I have used an old earring to decorate her bodice and another one for a bit of sparkle on her lace headband. (She is in my shop if you are interested. See the link on the sidebar).

And so onto the Giveaway. Sadly I have not heard from thriftymissus which is a real shame. Just to let you all know that I emailed several people, contacted bloggers with similar names and I believe that another fab blogger even tweeted a message in the hope that she might get in touch. So I feel that I have done what I can.

So, this afternoon the magic hand pulled another name from the dish and this time it's congratulations to Vintage Vicki. So sorry thriftymissus!!

I hope that you are all enjoying some sunshine and will be back with another Giveaway soon.

Dev x


VintageVicki said...

:) Got your message - you should have an email - let me know if you don't - my email is playing silly beggars!

Another lovely dolly :)

Nic said...

I love those cushions - I want some like that :)

Tabiboo said...

I love Delia and her red dotted dress.

It's a bit breezy here today, but keeping our fingers crossed for a gorgeous weekend - many some beach action as well!

take care,

Nina xxx

melanie said...

Delia is super cute!!! I am loving drying the washing on the line, loving Spring :) xxx

thriftymissus said...

Hi there did I actually win something!! first time ever! never mind Im new to blogging and need to sharpen up my skills,best wishes,