Thursday, 8 May 2008

4 and 20 Blackbirds!

As I write this post it is 9.00 pm and I can hear the blackbirds singing their evening song.. It is so beautiful and so loud. I refer to it as the bedtime chorus. There is now a refreshing breeze coming through the open windows and doors cancelling out the heat of the day. The smell of the wallflowers is intoxicating. I love this time of day when a stillness returns to the world after the hectic goings on of the day. There is a crescent moon rising and all is well with the world.

I have had my eye on a brooch for a while now. Each time I looked at etsy, there it was looking at me. Then I read Steph's blog and lo and behold, she had one in blue. I ummed and I aahed ,and then before I knew what I was doing, found myself on Etsy and pressing all the right buttons. It came yesterday and I savoured opening the pretty pink ribbon and tissue paper...and there it was. Thank you so much Kim.

What do you think? There was the added bonus of a sweet little lavender bag made from a gorgeous scrap of flowery cotton that scented the whole package.....bliss!

I wore it to work today and it lifted my spirits no end, like a little piece of spring on my shirt to cheer me up whilst sitting at my desk.

I really hope that Steph doesn't think that I am copying here, what with the brooch and all, but I found this bag in one of my favourite shops recently (The Merchant Chandler) and I couldn't resist it fact, I defy anyone to resist it, and at a mere £1.99, it certainly had my name on it in big capital letters.

Nite to all. Dev X


Curlew Country said...

What a lovely title for a post and I so agree with you, they really do pipe up as the sun goes down don't they. Its my favourite birdsong without a dobut. I love hearing them chirp away whilst I water the plants.
He, he, you're not copying anything at all btw - great minds think alike that's what I say! Blogging is wonderful isn't it for discovering like-minded souls who get just as over-excieted about a flowery tea cup or the may blossom being out as you do! Someone posted a message on my blog the other day saying how much mine was like another blog I love. I panicked for a while thinking I should change what I write or post but then realised that we're all just sharing really. I do hope no-one thinks I copy anyone else, because I never intentionally would, but I think its great to have shared passions.
Love the pink brooch! Have a smashing weekend.

Marja Kristiina said...

Oh Dev, it's beautiful!!

Sounds as though the weather was marvelous over there during the weekend! It was quite nice in here too but nowhere near hot enough for a dip in the pool.. unless it was heated! Hope you had a fab time! Right now it's really chilly in Finland, albeit sunny and pretty :-).

Have a super week!