Thursday, 22 May 2008

Homeward Bound

I thought I might share with you my journey home from work. I have a 20 minute drive each day and it is divided into 2 parts really. The motorway bit and then the country bit, which is my favourite. In the morning it is purely about getting there and so I choose the main roads mostly with a junction to junction run on the busy M20. The pleasure is coming home again, past the same junction to junction and then up the hill and onto a single track country lane. I slow down and savour the view, hear the skylarks and calm descends on me.

Around this steep bend I go...and there is the prettiest of lanes, a mass of flowers at the moment, quite breathtaking.

Corn cockles are one of my absolute favourite hedgerow plants, the colour is gorgeous.

Another favourite of mine is the Hawthorn, at this time of year wearing her fabulous spring collection, which will be replaced with a multitude of small glossy red berries in the autumn to help feed the hungry birds.

And so we continue, taking in the bird song and the summer breeze through the open window. This green tunnel is the start of the home straight. Here is gets a bit dodgy as the fields on the left are full of rabbits with no road sense sadly. They literally throw themselves in the path of oncoming cars, who nine times out of ten are not country dwellers and so drive too fast. I counted 3 little bodies today.

Half way down the hill we can see St Anthony's church, our cottage is behind it on the hill.

The perfect end to the day and almost worth going to work for (well maybe that is a bit of an exaggeration!) The only thing to mar it is the total disrespect of a few individuals who care nothing for their surroundings!!


Dev X


Curlew Country said...

Ooooh Dev what a wonderful post. The scenery around your home is just beautiful. There's something magical about clouds of cow parsley, hawthorn and deep green tunnels isn't there. Your journey is a bit like mine but isn't it so nerve-wracking at the moment. Last night I had to rescue a baby bunny, swerve to avoid a lapwing chick and run the gauntlet with a suicidal partridge! Wouldn't swap it for the world though. Have a smahing Bank Hoilday.

Lavender hearts said...

I very nearly hit a pheasant today! I must see about 5 dead animals on the way to work! It's such a shame! The trouble is pheasants are so dim they see you coming and then take a leisurely stroll across the road! My journey looks similar to yours only mine takes the best part of 2 hours and involves 15 miles of beautiful country roads, 3 motorways and several A roads. I actually don't mind the journey home because and I think I appreciate my home more being away from it. What a shame about the rubbish, prhaps you can organise a "clean up the village" type event? I believe they do them round where I live and it brings all the community together too.

Herzblatt said...

Absolutely lovely, this countryside!!
I would love to live there!! If I win in the lottery I will come at once.
I have heard that you go to Portugal on Tuesday??? Is that right?? (read it in a big German newspaper....laugh....)
Anyway....I wish you a marvellous journey and holiday there.

Marja Kristiina said...

Good morning Dev! I thoroughly enjoyed this post! You're so lucky to see all of this beautiful scenery daily, changing according to the seasons. Lovely!

Have a good week!

sharie said...

What great countryside you travel through on your way to work. And doesn't this time of year make it look extra beautiful!